25-Jul-2014 Next supercapacitor advances will transform electric vehicles --- 25-Jul-2014 £1 billion Advanced Propulsion Centre announces Hub location at Warwick --- 25-Jul-2014 Attention motorsport exporters! --- 24-Jul-2014 CBI American Economy update - July 2014 --- 23-Jul-2014 Formula for the future - Williams Advanced Engineering
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‘Our agenda is set every day by our members'


How will the MIA help your business grow?

  • We exist purely to assist our members to expand profitably, grow their business into new sectors/markets and to provide certain services more effectively than if they acted independently. 
  • We take our direction and purpose directly from our members.
  • We raise and maintain the profile of the Industry that lies behind the sport, and when necessary, represent the sector as a whole. 
  • As a MIA member you will receive a wealth of benefits and access to services such as:

Business Development Visits
We seek out new business opportunities in a range of sectors and markets, such as our work in technology transfer, South America and Italy.

Market Knowledge
We can provide you with market knowledge and advice which will ensure your business decisions are informed and prove cost-effective.

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Editor of RACE TECH magazine William Kimberley interviews MIA CEO Chris Aylett

For more information please contact Clare Kelly on
02476 692600 or email clare.kelly@the-mia.com

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