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Make 'Engineer' a protected title

08 Feb 2012

There is a Government petition to make "Engineer" a protected title in the UK, as it is in other countries.

Responsible department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

"Engineering suffers from an image problem. People believe that engineers simply fix things, but we don't: we invent things. Unfortunately the false image is propagated by hundreds of companies out there who term repair-persons and equipment installers 'Engineers'. Engineering suffers from a lack of graduates, and at a time people are looking to manufacturing to fix the economy we need all the graduates we can get. Sadly they are put off by the false image of engineering. It is thus proposed that the title 'Engineer' is protected legally, like 'Doctor' or 'Architect'. It would be restricted to those who are professional engineers or product designers, or those who have retired from the industry."

To sign the petition please click here

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