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New Lotus Elise “Plug & Play” Performance ECU (with bundled traction control)

12 Sep 2012

  • Allows live remapping of the Toyota 2ZZ power train
  • Suitable for normally aspirated, turbocharger and supercharger tuning
  • Direct swap for the standard ECU.
  • Includes adjustable traction control
  • “Flex fuel” ready
  • Competitively priced at just £1695 excluding VAT

Leading high performance tuner Torque Developments International Plc is pleased to be at the forefront of the current tuning wave for the Lotus Elise and Exige, and the latest product release is a new plug & play ECU and remapping system called “Plug in Performance” (PiP) from Australian company Simply Sports Cars (SCC).

What is SCC?
Australia based SCC is a leading supplier of aftermarket racing components and has a proven track record in offering reliable, high performance solutions for most late model Lotus cars.

What’s your involvement?
Torque Developments International has been appointed the exclusive distributor for SCC in the European territories.

What’s the big deal?
The key to obtaining optimum performance from any engine is the engine control unit (known as “ECU” in common parlance). This enables precise calibration of the engine control functions in order to achieve maximum torque effectively and safely, and to optimize the other drive-cycle conditions (or “softer issues”) such as transient throttle response, cruise, idle etc which determine whether the car drives and behaves nicely.
The Toyota 2ZZ engine is quite an interesting power plant in that the intake and exhaust port designs are such that very careful consideration to the engine calibration is necessary in order to yield satisfactory results. The Lotus Elise and Exige fitted with the Toyota 2ZZ powertrain responds very well to ECU tuning, but has been relatively difficult to accomplish until now, being previously constrained to “reflashes” (1) and hard wired stand-alone ECU solutions (2).
Having had considerable success with hard wired stand-alone ECU solutions, Torque Developments International is delighted to now offer an easier and cheaper method of engine control in order to extract optimal performance.

Priced at just £1695.00 excluding VAT, and with fixed priced installation and tuning charges of £460 and £585 excluding vat for n/a and forced induction models respectively, the PiP ECU is available now from Torque Developments International Plc.

A blog has been created to describe a typical installation process at https://tdi-plc.com/blog/category/euro/lotus/lotus-eliseexige-pip-ecu

Glossary: (1) A “reflash” is normally a generic re-coding of the standard ECU, mostly done remotely which means that the results are often a best guess at how the engine should be tuned. (2) A hard wired stand-alone ECU is one which replaces the original ECU but requires the harness to be rewired to suit the new ECU

NOTE: The PiP ECU is available for both the drive-by-wire and throttle cable models.

For more information contact Torque Developments International Plc
Tel: 0800 107 3250 sales@tdi-plc.com www.tdi-plc.com

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