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Cranfield University welcomes suggestions from MIA members for thesis projects

19 Oct 2018

Suggestions for thesis projects will be undertaken by the Motorsport Engineering and Motorsport Mechatronics students together with the MIA member company, between May and August 2019.

The selection of previous thesis titles, shown below, indicates what is possible. How will MIA members benefit?

Research into a technical issue(s) your company needs to consider
Investigation of solution(s) and consideration of their feasibility
Assessment of state-of-the-art solutions and identification of knowledge gaps
Regular engagement with a Master’s level student, supervised by Cranfield staff
Provision of high-quality presentations, poster and thesis report
Opportunity to evaluate individual MSc students - i.e. an ‘extended interview’

The University can put in place NDA and thesis restrictions, if required, even though it is encouraged to place research in the public domain. However, you may decide it is of added value to your company for research findings to be publicly disseminated.

Note that the students are 100% committed to their thesis projects from mid-May to the end of August 2019 but often start evaluating their ‘understanding’ of the research needed and knowledge gaps beforehand.

Final deadline for any suggestions is February 1st 2019.

Requests for information, to ‘discuss’ any subjects, or if you would like to see any ‘explanation posters’ from the list, please email motorsport@cranfield.ac.uk.

For your Information, thesis titles of research completed in the 2017-2018 academic year are below

An Investigation into Advanced RANS Turbulence Modelling for Aeronautical and Motorsport Applications
A New Method for Measuring Vehicle Sideslip and Yaw Angle Using Image and Inertial Data
Investigating the Aerodynamic Effect of Vortex Generators on a Flat Plate in Ground Effect
Driver-in-the-Loop Simulator Fidelity: Brake Pedal Dynamics Characterisation for an LMP2 Application.
Validation of Previous Work on Kart Dynamics and Minimum Time Manoeuvring through On-Track Testing
Design and Study of Two Suspension Geometries for a High Performance Off-road Vehicle
Development of a Velocity Dependent Flow Control Aerodynamic Device using Composite Material Tailoring Optimization and Fluid Structure Interaction Techniques
Development of a Motorbike Oriented Laptime Simulation
Evaluating the Performance of Metal Matrix Composites and Titanium for Piston Material in Endurance Racing Applications
Effect of Roll Centre Height and Roll Axis Inclination on Transient Handling
Investigation into a Whole Vehicle Tyre Test Method for Tyre Performance Characterisation
Aerodynamic Performance Investigation of the DrivAer Notchback Model under Side Wind Conditions using Transient RANS-LES Simulations
Analysis of Exhaust Gases in the Exhaust System and Pulse Converter of a four-cylinder Turbocharged Engine
Multi-objective Optimisation of a Gearbox Designed for an Electric Dakar Vehicle.
Study of Major Suspension Parameters and their Influence on Rider Comfort for Motorcycles
Wheel Rim Tyre Overset CFD Modelling
A Study into Setup Sensitivity and Optimisation for the Dallara Stradale using Aerolap Simulation Software
Analysis of the Impact of Vehicle Set Up in Racing Line Selection
Characterization of the suspension for a British and European racing truck.
Characterise the Torsional Stiffness of a Race-truck Chassis
Investigation Dynamic Roll Stiffness on Audi S1 WRX
Ultrasonic Monitoring Of High Performance Gearbox Bearings
What are the key variables, which affect rider comfort in motorcycle suspension in a numerate way?

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