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Motorsport to Defence - UAV Workshop - FREE TO ATTEND

14 January 2011

Location: NEC, Birmingham

MIA Motorsport to Defence (M2D) Initiative

Friday 14th January 2011
11:30 - 12:30
Concourse Suite 25,
NEC, Birmingham

New business for motorsport companies in the Unmanned Systems Defence Sector

This NEW M2D workshop is FREE and is an introduction to the fast-growing business opportunities in Unmanned Systems, particularly Aerial Vehicles (UAV) - a major element of defence industry plans.  Come along, meet the experts and grow new business in 2011.

President Obama recently said “We need greater investment in advanced technology like UAVs” and the MOD continually confirms they share this view.

Funding for Unmanned System procurement, development and testing is at an all-time high. In the US, the DOD funnels billions of dollars in this ever-burgeoning market.
The overwhelming success of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, as a front-line ISR and strike aircraft in Afghanistan, has led to a requirement for more platforms and greater capability. UAV sophistication will increase, opening a floodgate of developmental opportunities in key enabling technologies – what role will you play?

Aviation Week in 2009, estimated sales of nearly $40 billion in the next 10 years for UAVs, 50% of this figure is “research”.

MIA member, Swift Engineering of California, have kindly sponsored this workshop, having used their motorsport composite background to win substantial business in defence – particularly UAVs – with their KillerBee.

Mark A. Page, Chief Scientist at Swift Engineering
“Lessons-Learned in the US UAV Sector”

This real life case study will help you see how to successfully penetrate this marketplace.

Swift entered the UAV business in 2003 with an internally-funded design to showcase manufacturing quality.  The UAV KillerBee weighed 64 lbs, with a 10-foot wingspan, delta-shaped blended wing body, and carried a 66 lbs payload including sensors, mission payload and fuel. An 8 HP engine took it to a maximum speed or 105 knots. Swift further developed this great product and, in 2008, sold it to Northrop-Grumman, who re-named it “BAT”.  Swift continues to develop the BAT under contract to Northrop Grumman.  

About Swift Engineering, Inc. were founded in 1983 to build race cars.  Based in San Clemente, CA, they are a leading provider of light-weight aerodynamic structures, and high performance vehicles – designing and building innovative products from race cars to jet planes. They supply commercial and U.S. national security initiatives, in highly complex environments requiring world-class engineering, reliability, scalability, flexibility, and rapid manufacturing. For more information please visit www.swiftengineering.com

Rt. Hon The Lord Drayson of Kensington
“Why UK motorsport companies can help the UK remain leaders in UAV”

Speaking on the importance of UAV technology, in March 2010, Lord Drayson said “...the UK is the world leader in UAVs which handle reconnaissance, close air support for troops on the ground, time-sensitive targeting. They take the risk to pilots’ lives out of the equation. At some point in the future, UAVs will outnumber manned aircraft....estimates show the global UAV market growing to around $5 billion annually by 2016”. For the full speech see the attachment below.

Our Defence workshops are usually STANDING ROOM ONLY so reserve your FREE place now at this hugely popular event.

For more information please contact Sarah Pagan at the MIA Business Lounge at Autosport International or telephone the MIA on 07799 047758