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Motorsport to Automotive

MIA Technology Partners


Huge opportunities for high performance engineering

Our UK automotive industry supports nearly 800,000 jobs and in 2014, generated revenues of £69.5billion. These statistics illustrate that the future looks bright for both motorsport and high performance engineering if they exploit the potential opportunities. We've seen this demonstrated in other sectors of the UK economy including defence, aerospace and marine, reaping the benefits of the ‘can-do’, rapid response culture of the UK's motorsport industry.


Key statistics on the UK Automotive Industry*:

  • 7 of the mainstream automotive car manufacturers and 16 of the world’s top 20 suppliers to the automotive industry have operations in the UK
  • 1.5m cars and 2.4m engines built in the UK
  • Identified £4bn of unfulfilled supply opportunities for domestic Tier 1 suppliers
  • Invested £2.4bn in Research & Development
  • Added £15.5bn in value to the UK economy
  • Automotive is one of the UK’s leading export sectors by value, generating £34.6billion revenue, accounting for 11.8% of the UK's total export goods
  • The UK is an ideal location to export products and services overseas. There is a growing demand for UK automotive products.

* Statistics taken from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders - Motor Industry Facts 2015

MIA's Motorsport to Automotive Initiative (M2Auto)

Inspired and driven by the Automotive OEMs who identified a need for the motorsport sector’s R&D capabilities and fast delivery expertise, the M2Auto Initiative facilitates and creates closer collaboration between OEM automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, MIA members of the motorsport and high performance engineering industry.

Automotive OEMs identified the UK motorsport sector’s R&D prototyping capabilities and rapid delivery as being of real value in early stage project development requiring the following:

  • Innovation
  • Prototype development
  • Testing
  • Design

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“The mainstream automotive industry is hungry for new ideas, for innovation and for new technology and if the motorsport industry can provide some of those ideas, then it will undoubtedly benefit” 

Richard Parry-Jones CBE
Former Joint Chair of the Automotive Council


Motorsport companies who have successfully engaged with the Automotive sector

Williams F1 and Jaguar
RML Group and Nissan
Volvo S60 prototype
with Flybrid KERS
Lotus Evora
414e hyrbid prototype


Showcase of motorsport capability

Invited by, and working with automotive OEMs following meetings with Automotive Council UK, the MIA has created and delivered, throughout 2012-2016, in-house showcases as part of our Motorsport to Automotive (M2Auto) initiative. These have taken place at Bentley, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and with the Niche Vehicle Network.


Further information

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This video (published 2 February 2015) has MIA Members explaining the value they have gained from the Automotive Showcase of Capabilities Programme.

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